Wednesday, January 26, 2005

File sharing- root cause.

So here it is, loci-herein is wading head on into the debate on online file swapping.

Today the Supremes announced that they would hear a case between several prominent recording artists and Grokster (case name: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios v. Grokster, 04-480).

The fight for the music companies is an uphill one to say the least. Let's consider the two crucial factors that the music industry needs to overcome: (I) people like music and (ii) people like free stuff.

If the recording industry wishes to end file sharing they either need to get people to dislike music or dislike free things. Since the first would put them out of business altogether, it is the second that they have decided to concentrate on... Suing 12 year olds for uploading the latest pop garbage. If this was any other industry the 12 year olds would be suing the record companies for breach of warranty, for manufacture of defective product, and for violations of the environmental protection laws for increasing the amount of noise pollution to intolerable levels.

This case represents the next level (after suing 12 year olds) , suing the file sharing software guys. I say guys because what girl is going to spend Saturday night sitting in front of a computer developing a way for people, she has never met, to swap files- not a single one.

You see in order to understand the development of the file sharing one needs to understand the true purpose of the underlying software. It is so that males of all ages can freely share nuddie videos. This is the dual use technology aspect of the software, while keeping the courts and society busy with the music issues; millions of young, old, and middle aged men send and receive millions of gigabytes of "stimulating" images, audio, and video every day. All under the radar of the of the copyright people.

Therefore my solution to stop the innovation of file swapping programs and thereby reduce the efficiency of the programs is to provide nuddie free of charge to all males over the age of 13- thereby eliminating the need for people to develop more sophisticated porn delivery devices.

You see, sex drives the world and if it is made a little easier to get then life becomes a little easier to regulate.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Did C.S. Lewis write about this chair?

I got a new chair at work today. It's awful. I hate it. Actually it's not a new chair. I stole a chair from the girl who was on vacation forever. Now she's back. She could tell right away that something was not ordinary. Instantly she could detect that something was differenct and I was freakin smilling like a monkey. She took her chair back. Her beautifull chair! Now my freakin back hurts. I'm all out of whack. I gotta wiggle...

If you're wondering why I left this message you can blame Yitsi. It works. For example, I had really bad gas after lunch today, blame Yitsi. See. It works.

Some thoughts on the NHL lockout.

When the league was shut down way back on September 15, 2004, I firmly believed that I would suffer incredible withdrawal from lack of sports on the tube. I followed the lockout intensely reading every article, dreaming up solutions, weighing the evidence. Then I discovered that I don’t matter to the NHL or the NHLPA and simultaneously I discovered that there is plenty of other horrible programming that can replace the utter boredom of watching regular season hockey.

To wit, I have taken up watching an extraordinary number of television shows aided by the technological developments in the file-sharing world and the magic of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). As it stands now, I watch (non exhaustive list):CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI:NY, Law and Order, Law and Order:CI, Law and Order: SVU, Medium, Numbers, Jonny Zero, Everwood, Smallville, Boston Legal, Jack and Bobby, House, 24, West Wing, Medical investigation, Desperate Housewives.

During the last few months, I have found myself cheering for different characters, throwing things at the TV when they do something I disagree with, and ordering a pizza and beer for specific programs.

If the players and owners believe that diehard hockey fans cannot and will not adapt to the reality of no NHL, they are sorely mistaken. If one compares hockey fans to crack addicts, similarities in behavior begin to emerge. Both are likely to be irrational when it comes to the subject of the their addiction; it is likely that at some point in time they both will conduct themselves in violent manner; both are likely to overpay for the next fix; both will look for other means to get high before giving up their addictions.

Well far from eliminating my TV addiction I have just moved on to other programming, which although not a perfect substitute still provides the needed excuse in order to justify many hours of life wasted watching pixels dance around the screen. My new dream is not Edmonton winning the Stanley Cup or a return of the ice gladiators; rather it is seeing those pixels dance on a plasma stage to the tune of Dolby digital 7.1.

An introduction of sorts.

Welcome to the Loci-herein.

If you have navigated the treacherous landscape of the internet and arrived here as your destination then welcome and enjoy; if you are merely in transit to another destination then take this moment to sample the samplings ('cause that is what samples are for).

This blog is a compendium of ideas, thoughts, discussion, and tidbits. Relevance is of little relevance. If it is important then it should be posted, if it is unimportant then it should be posted so that it may become important.

The only conditions is that the post be logical- if it can't be logical then magical, and if not magical then legible.

As for topics, I am sure that each person will eventually develop a favorite field of expression- no field is too insignificant or too significant.

If this introduction is too vague I challenge you to post your own.

Yits. Out.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Is this the place?

Yits, Yitsi is this the blog? What happens now? I just ate macaroni and cheese for dinner. I love it. Have you noticed that bannanas seem to be getting bigger? I know Lenny thinks about that. I think about hair loss. And shoes. I may need new shoes.