Tuesday, January 25, 2005

An introduction of sorts.

Welcome to the Loci-herein.

If you have navigated the treacherous landscape of the internet and arrived here as your destination then welcome and enjoy; if you are merely in transit to another destination then take this moment to sample the samplings ('cause that is what samples are for).

This blog is a compendium of ideas, thoughts, discussion, and tidbits. Relevance is of little relevance. If it is important then it should be posted, if it is unimportant then it should be posted so that it may become important.

The only conditions is that the post be logical- if it can't be logical then magical, and if not magical then legible.

As for topics, I am sure that each person will eventually develop a favorite field of expression- no field is too insignificant or too significant.

If this introduction is too vague I challenge you to post your own.

Yits. Out.


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