Monday, February 28, 2005

Eternal life V. Meaning of life

A key issue in all vampire movies is whether the immortal can live a meaningful life. Luckily for you Loci-Herein readers, I the magnificent Yitsi have come up with a method to live as long as one desires without having to resort to sucking blood, living at night, and sleeping in coffins.

In order to live for as long as you want, you need to firmly believe in the following:
1. That there is a God or some higher omnipotent being.
2. That he/She/It designed the world and each and every aspect of it has a purpose.
3. Since all things have a purpose, each person has a purpose.
4. If the being is omnipotent then the world as a whole must be perfect.
5. If the world is perfect and we each have a purpose, then we cannot be removed from the world before accomplishing said purpose.

Logically, based on these five simple and powerful deductions, as long as you DO NOT complete your purpose then you cannot be removed. This is because the world will cease to be perfect and that is not possible because it was created by a perfect being. SO my prescription for this is to procrastinate. In fact, I figure the less one does then the more one has left to do, this coupled with the progress of technology, would suggest that the longer one waits, the easier it will be to accomplish whatever it is one is waiting to do.

The other key thing is to find out what your purpose is in life. For this I recommend a quick a googol search, since you get at least 24 million hits. By the time you finish reading these at a leisurely pace, you will certainly have lived a nice and full life, and discovered many interesting things on the internet.

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Blogger Lenford said...

ok, first i disagree with everything you wrote.

more specifically, i disagree that the world as a whole is perfect.

why do i say this? just look at me, or ugly people or faulty belly buttons. all imperfect.

this means only one thing. whoever created the world was loaded at the time of creation and played a few jokes on us. just look at an anteater for proof. man is that thing weird.


4:03 PM  
Blogger Gatos Hombre said...

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