Friday, February 11, 2005

intelligent design

Currently, some parts of the United States are discussing the merits of teaching "intelligent design" as an alternative to evolution. The intelligent design argument is based on the concept that the world and all its parts are so complex that they, statistically, could not have come together as they have. Therefore it must have been by design, theretofore there must be a designer, hence God is real. Although I believe in a higher power, a discussion for another time, I am not convinced of the intelligent design argument for the following reasons:

1. Bill Gates is a smart guy. Bill Gates makes lots of money. Bill Gates sends out updates every so often to fix the problems in the universe he created. So where is the update to earth 1.0(beta)?

2. If the world has a designer, why did he make the healthy things taste bad and unhealthy taste good? If he was half as smart as a lowly advertising executive he would have made broccoli as addictive as crack.

3. If the human body was designed, why must we wipe are our ass blind? would it not have made more sense to allow us to look and make sure the area was all clear, instead of the guess and test method.

4. How come when you have to shit really bad all that comes out is a little pebble?

5. Why not give humans the ability to control where the fat goes. I am sure I can apportion it more efficiently then it currently is.

6. Video games have power meters to let you know how close you are to death. Where is the real life one? That way we could abuse the body and then see how long one needs to recuperate until everything is fine again.

This is a partial list and will be updated as necessary. I encourage you to post thoughts in the comments and they will be added to the post.

off to push out the pebble,

Coming next- Darwin and alcohol what the experts don't tell you.


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