Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Overlooked People in Society.

Normally I am a results kind of guy, I focus in on the thing that is most responsible for drawing my attention. In a bar it is the boobies, in the mall it is the boobies, and on TV it is the boobies. You see I am a "focuser"; however I have realized that it may be time to expand my field of vision.
It all occurred at a bar, I noticed that the integral part of the band was indeed the triangle/cowbell guy. Now generally such an individual would have been overlooked, with focus being on the guitarist or drummer or bassist or singer or the bartender or the beer. I however, have come to realize that it is the "triangle guy" who really makes things come together, without that crucial "Bing" at that precise moment the entire composition (sometimes known as a song) would falter.

I have decided to call this greater field of vision the "cowbell phenomenon". It can have everyday application for everyone. Think about how society would change if men were to start concentrating on the area commonly known as the face. The "cowbell phenomenon" has the potential to revamp all intersex interactions. The next possible step from this discovery is that those noises coming from the hole located on the lower third of the area above the neck known as the face might actually be considered to be valuable. If time was spent understanding them then maybe plans would get made, dreams fulfilled, and sexual tension relieved. And these overlooked and crucial people, who are made up the area around the breasts and cause the noise to emanate, might be seen to be a contributing force in the world.

Of course I might be mistaken and it might have just been a signal that it was the start of happy hour.



Blogger Lenford said...

as someone who once played the cowbell it a short-lived
yet powerfully awesome band, i have to agree with my
esteemed comrade from the bathtub.

p.s. happy hour is on. pink go!

lenford q rockefeller

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


We see them in the mall,
We see them in the fall.
We like the giant ones the best,
Let's raise our glass to the breast.
All men should now unite,
By squeezing a pair boobs tonight.

I hope this poem has been enlightening for all. The male gender's love of breasts can be traced back to our days as primates. In that time men would choose their mates according to the size of women's breasts. So in that respect little has changed. You would be hard pressed to find a man who wouldn't want his girlfriend to have big boobs. If all women had big boobs, I firmly (no pun intended) believe there would be no problems in the world. Whenever any problems would arise, the men in charge would always have some common ground to start at, their ample breasted women. And from there any problem must be easy to solve.

In conclusion, as you have no doubt realized by now, I love big breasts.

10:28 PM  

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