Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ripped From The Headlines:" Who needs help with a pullout?"

Today, while succumbing to intertia and surfing the internet, instead of productively wasting my time I ran across the following headline: NY-funded group seeks to help with pullout trauma
I am quite curious to know what exactly the article is talking about. Is it a NY-funded group helping people who suffer from "pullout trauma"? This would be curious since most pullouts are followed by an optional cigarette, a possible shower, and a probable nap. Also who is suffering the trauma, the pullout-ee(the person from whom it was pulled out of) or the pullout-or ( the person pulling it out), I think their perspectives might differ.
Or is the NY-funded group, helping some other group of people by employing a method known as "pullout trauma"? This would imply that there are "pullout experts" and "pullout coaches" and "pullout manuals" in fact there might even be "pullout" merchandise. You could even have group pullouts- the possibilities are endless.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I volunteer for experimental research.

(As pullout-or)

- Gamblor

5:40 PM  
Blogger Lenford said...

ok, first off, everyone say welcome to me, lenford q. rockefeller.

second, i just farted.

third: i suffered pullout trauma last nightt. iw as on this date with this really slutty chick and anyway, i woke up this morning with third degree burns and "pullout trauma on my glaven. not pretty.

that is all.

next posting: thinning out the herd: a rational approach to population control by lenny

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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