Wednesday, February 23, 2005

State of the Blog

Loyal readers, commentators, contributors, and objects of our scorn;

The time has come to reflect on the past few weeks. This blog had humble beginnings, it started as an idea, albeit a misplaced one, but an idea nonetheless. Ideas, I am told are good unless they are bad, in which case they are not good.

This blog, or as I think it should be aptly called- internet community- is really an experiment in self awareness through self ignorance. In other words it is incoherent, cloudy thoughts with interspersed moments of utter lucidity.

I think my point is better made through someone concrete examples, we have a post that includes: guns and roses, serpents, and tips on pubic hair shaving. We have another involving intelligent design and control of human fat placement. Noticeably this place is somewhere that things which have little relation to each other collide violently producing a beautiful art show.

If random is good, and thoughts are uncontrollable, then I predict that next days, weeks and months will interesting- especially if certain filing cabinets are liberated.

Yits. out.


Anonymous Hersh said...

So when is the last time you farted but instead of farting you kind of shit your self? I did it last week.
Hey any chance of getting my name on this blog? I am starting to like it and have many deep thoughts to post.
check this one out....if I go to a movie with Lenny but no one I know sees us, can I go around telling people I haven't seen him in months?
I love leah where is she?

9:03 PM  

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