Saturday, February 26, 2005


I have concluded that there is nothing more entertaining then t-shirts. This conclusion is based on no research or information at all, rather it is a thought put into my head by the little people (there is more to come on them later). I have also decided that if I think it and believe it, then whatever "it" is must be true. So then in this case "it" is "t-shirts are good". As such, the following 15 minutes must be dedicated to the pursuit of t-shirts.

Along this line of thought, I have also figured that making your own t-shirts, is better then free t-shirts, which is better then buying t-shirts, which is better then finding t-shirts. Therefore, in honor of a trip to Mexico, which will hopefully occur soon during some up coming vacation time, I plan to create the following t-shirts:

1. Will say "please bring me a taco"
2. Will say "please refill the tequila iv bag"
3. Will say "please empty my catheter."
and then a hat saying "please resuscitate"

I figure that is all the communication one needs on the beach in Mexico. The rest can be done by pointing, stripping, and grunting.
If I am missing anything (kinds of t-shirts or method of communication) please let me know in the comments section, as information is the key to this world and I feel locked out.



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