Tuesday, April 26, 2005

VERIZON- and the death of my cell phone.

I put it on the charger one night.
and woke up and it was off. Strange I thought.
So I turned it on, and LO and BEHOLD magic.
The only thing that was displayed "Service required".

In my limited wisdom, I tried to dial * six one one
and yell at a Verizon.
but, you see they are too smart for me.
My phone would not dial anything.

So I went to the Verizon store to take advantage of the "Worry Free Guarantee".
let me tell you about this so called Worry Free Guaranty- it is not worry free nor a guarantee.

The lovely, lady behind the counter said,
in the most non caring of ways,
that all I could get is a new- refurbished phone (which is not really new at all) for $65.
And if that was not enough she could "not guarantee" that my contacts would be ported over to this new-old phone.

And so we starred at each other, an intense stare.
My eyebrow quivered a little bit, my upper lip trembled under the pressure
the cascading torrent of four letter adjectives about to come pouring from my mouth in a relentless fashion.

I bit my lip and said " thank you but I am going to switch to Cingular" and walked away.


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