Thursday, December 08, 2005

Does a Blog Exist If No One Reads It?

Alone I sit. All day. All night.

Some days I hear a noise and think it will finally be the day, but its not, it never is.

My neighbor is always busy. I hear chatter all day and all night about whether the greatest TV moment was this or that. There are always people opening and closing and writing and arguing – Me Nothing.

I have waited and waited, but no one has cared enough about me to come. I remember a while back there was talk of money deals and Google ads – oh a Google ad, then you’ve really made it – but no one cares anymore. I know there will be no Google ads and most likely no money.

Well it is time to stand up for myself because if not me then who will? Truth be told I am doing this because I heard laughing next door and I know the other sites were laughing at me – pointing and laughing. I heard them say, “Since no one reads him, does he exist?” That’s right the other Blogs have the nerve to laugh at me and question my existence. But don’t they? The more I thought about it the more I realized if I continue like this I really won’t exist.

So please, pretty please, allow me to exist. Give me the Freedom, the energy to go to my neighbors with a smile on my face and state out loud – I am LOCI – HEREIN and I do exist!! My writers love me and cherish me and once again remember the happy times I brought them. Let us congregate and discuss the real issues; why we hate Lenny or Is Yitsi really worth the air he takes up.